Praktikum als I.T Asset Management Analyst – Internship in China (m/w/d)

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Praktikumsstart: 01.09.2019

Praktikum als I.T Asset Management Analyst – Internship in China (m/w/d)

China Internship Placements LLC

Responsibilities -

· Responsible for managing advanced data / analytics projects that gather and integrate large volumes of data, performs analysis, interprets results, and develops actionable insights and recommendations for across the company.

· Evaluates, monitors, and maintains information security (IS) policies, procedures, and systems, including hardware, firmware, and software. 

· Conducts a wide range of quality control tests and analyzes to ensure that software meets or exceeds specified standards and end-user requirements. 

Acts as a liaison between the IT development group and business units for the development and implementation of new systems and enhancement of existing systems.

· Plans and Managers web systems and operating system server software, including web server setup and implementation.

· Other assigned duties



Working towards a Bachelor's Degree (Computer Science, Computer Inf. System or related course)

· Ability to communicate professionally and effectively

· Ability to work both collaboratively and independently

· Emphasis on organizational skills and the ability to multi-task

· Rigorous attention to detail

· Highly self-motivated




· CIP is affiliated with 500 multinational organizations, 2000 medium sized companies, and over 1000 startup organizations. We take care of the China Internship Visa, Intern Accommodations, Insurance, Career Development / Coaching and other Logistics.


· Social Activities are built into our internship program to give maximum exposure and immersion into Chinese culture.


· Please note: As a program provider, we charge fees to deliver these professional programs      



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Scholarship = 2500 - 3000 RMB PER MONTH

Plus, Commission - upon performance      

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422 No1.Building West fourth ring road
10000 Beijing