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Master of Business Administration (MBA) FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management

The MBA opens doors to top management positions in companies with a wide-ranging spectrum of functions. Managing business processes and developments is an increasingly challenging task especially in an international context.In the Master's programme in Business Administration, taught primarily in English, you obtain an in-depth basic knowledge of economics and marketing, financial management, business law, research methods and strategic management that equips you to hold management positions. You also develop your professional and personal leadership skills. You improve your understanding of the company as a whole and enhance the intercultural skills required to fulfil strategic alignment responsibilities at management level for the various interdisciplinary activities of a business. The MBA programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge base, integrative thinking strategies and practice-based management skills.After completing your degree, you are qualified to take on leadership roles in international companies, develop and implement global strategies and optimise inter-company processes. Alternatively, the programme prepares you to take over a business or start up your own.

Studium als Master of Business Administration (MBA) bei FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management in Berlin

Standort: Bismarckstraße 107
10625 Berlin
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Bismarckstraße 107
10625 Berlin

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